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Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine

Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine

Powder Auger Filling Machine 1kg

Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine

auger filling powder machine

Place of Origin:

made in China

Brand Name:




Model Number:

DGD-280AJ(Double Hopper)

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Product Details
Production Capacity:
15(weighing With Load Cell)~ 35bag/min *packing Speed Depends On Packing Material
Applicable Bag:
W120-280mm L180-380mm
Packing Volume:
≤1000g *packing Volume Depends On Density And Packing Size
Filling Precision (with Loadcell):
±1g (100g); ≤±2g (200g-300g); ≤±3g (300g-500g); ≤±3g (500g-1000g);(depends On Material)
Filling Precision:
±1g (100g); ≤±2g (200g-300g); ≤±5-6g (300g-500g); ≤±8-10g (500g-1000g);(depends On Material)
Power Source:
Duster Pipe:
Air Pressure:
External Dimension:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden cases
Delivery Time
15-90 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
1 set per month
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Product Description

50g-1000gPowder/Prefabricated Bag/Weighing Mod Mace/Granule Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine( Double Hopper)



1.Description of the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine


DGD-280AJ automatic horizontal bag feeding bagging machine is an online weighing bagging machine newly developed by our company. Under the programmable control of PLC, the functions of bag taking → bag opening → detection → filling 1 → filling 2 (weighing) → sealing → finished product are realized.
The machine is designed according to the requirements of the new GMP. It adopts an arc-shaped frame and is equipped with a complete dust removal system. It meets the production requirements of the veterinary drug industry and is suitable for the packaging and production of various prefabricated bag products.



2.Specifications of the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine


Productive Power. 20-40bags / min
Applicable Bag Size W120-280mm L180-380mm
Packaging Capacity ≤1000g
Filling Precision ±1g(100g);≤±2g(200-300g);≤±3g(300-500g);≤±3g(500-1000g)
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPA 500L/min
Power AC380V 50Hz/6.0KW
Equipment Size 3665×2420×1465mm(L×W×H)



3.Features of the Premade Pouch Packaging Machine


a.Clearing / cleaning is convenient and fast


(a)The front mechanism of the main engine can be directly washed with water (waterproof grade IP65, avoiding electrical components), and then dried with air.


(b)The equipment components adopt quick disassembly design, the filling hopper adopts open door design, and the blanking screw and screw sleeve can be disassembled as a whole, which is convenient for cleaning and switching.


(c)One key automatic material cleaning system.


(d)Easy maintenance: Upturnable ironing block structure, convenient for maintenance and cleaning.


(e)Easy maintenance: equipped with telescopic air gun to quickly clear the site.


(f)All parts and structures shall be installed and used in accordance with high standard design requirements, without dead corners and easy to clean. The bag size adjustment part has a scale, which is convenient and fast.


b.Less dust


(a)Effective dust isolation: overall closed frame, glass door cover + dust isolation cover (dust isolation is adopted from bag opening station to sealing station to control the dust in the filling area); At the same time, high-power dust collector can be selected to reduce the amount of dust.


(b)Optional: the environmental protection cover on the top of the filling area is used together with the dust isolation plate in the equipment, which has better dust removal effect. European and American arc frame shape, high grade and strong visibility.


(c)Mechanical bag opening: no bag opening, no filling, no heat sealing. The bag can be reused without wasting materials. Avoid large amount of dust without blanking.


(d)Diving and blanking + sealing dust removal mechanism: for materials with large dust, a fully closed blanking mechanism can be selected. When sealing, the bag mouth dust removal mechanism is used to remove the bag mouth dust and ensure the sealing effect.


(e)The leakage stop device shall not leak powder.


(f)Blanking compact mechanism: during filling, the air in the material can be discharged to effectively fill the material to the bottom of the bag and ensure the bagging rate of the material.


(g)During powder blanking, the dust recoil impact is reduced by lengthening the exhaust buffer pipe, and the end of the exhaust pipe is filtered with a cloth bag to prevent dust from overflowing with the exhaust. The device can be connected with the dust removal pipe of the workshop or the filtered air can be directly discharged into the workshop to purify the environment.




(a)High precision: servo motor controls the blanking precision, and screws of different specifications (large, medium and small) are selected according to the material characteristics of customers.


(b)The bagging machine adopts rough filling and secondary weighing filling (using mettletoledo weighing sensor) to ensure the high precision of the product, 1000g ± 3g.


d.Stable operation


(a)The Spanish internal CAM technology driven by connecting rod driven by servo motor is adopted, which does not run and has higher operation accuracy. It can stop the spindle during filling. Compared with other peers, it adopts external cam design, which has the advantages of long time, easy running, poor accuracy and instability.


(b)Equipped with vacuum pump to reduce the impact of external air pressure fluctuation on bag loading and bag opening.


(c)Temperature control integrated module: real-time monitoring of temperature changes, touch screen operation control, at a glance, to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation to the greatest extent.


(d)Huichuan technology automation control center is adopted to tailor the bagging machine integrated system. Good compatibility, high stability and lower energy consumption.

Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine 0Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine 1Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine 2Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine 3Automatic Powder Auger Filling Machine Weighing Double Hopper 1kg 50 Gram Packing Machine 4



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