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120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machine

4 head automatic filling machinery

Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

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made in China

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Product Details
Fill Speed:
100mL: ≤ 7,000 Bottles / H 500mL: ≤ 5,000 Bottles / H 1,000 ML: ≤ 4,000 Bottles / H (* Water As The Medium, The Actual Capacity Fluctuates Up And Down Depending On Customer Material)
Bottle Type:
Round Bottle: Φ40-95mm In Diameter Bottle Height Is 80-230mm Square Flat Bottle: 40-95mm Long Width Of 40-95mm High Of 80-230mm
Fill Capacity:
Measurement Accuracy:
± 1g (100mL) ± 2g (1000mL) (* With Water As The Medium)
Feed Port Height:
Feed Port Diameter:
Discharge Nozzle Diameter:
Corresponding To The Minimum Bottle Mouth Inner Diameter:
≥ Φ22mm.
Air Source Pressure:
Power Supply / Power:
~380V 50Hz/5.0KW.
Overall Dimensions:
2835 × 1490 × 2480mm (L × W × H)
About 2,000 Kg
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden cases
Delivery Time
15-90 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
1 Osets per month
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Product Description

Intelligent High-Viscosity Filling Machine Packaging Of Various Water Agents And High Viscosity Materials


CCG1000-20TS-type intelligent high-viscosity filling machine

General information:

CCG1000-20TS intelligent high viscosity filling machine is the latest generation of improved volume filling machine, suitable for the packaging of various water agents and high viscosity materials. The whole machine is inline structure, using servo motor drive and volume measurement and filling principle to realize the high precision of filling dose. PLC control, touch human-machine interface, convenient and intuitive operation. The whole machine adopts a circular arc frame, both beautiful and generous. Select a high-precision electronic scale automatic weighing data transmission system, the dose adjustment is more convenient and fast.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 0

Technical parameters:





Fill speed

100mL: ≤ 7,000 bottles / h 500mL: ≤ 5,000 bottles / h

1,000 mL: ≤ 4,000 bottles / h

(* Water as the medium, the actual capacity fluctuates up and down depending on customer material)

2 Bottle type

Round bottle: Φ40-95mm in diameter Bottle height is 80-230mm

Square flat bottle: 40-95mm long Width of 40-95mm High of 80-230mm

3 Fill capacity 80-1000mL.
4 Measurement accuracy ± 1g (100mL) ± 2g (1000mL) (* with water as the medium)
5 Feed port height 2300mm.
6 Feed port diameter DN40.
7 Discharge nozzle diameter Φ18mm.
8 Corresponding to the minimum barrel mouth inner diameter ≥ Φ22mm.
9 Air source pressure 0.6-0.8MPa.
10 Power Supply / Power ~380V 50Hz/5.0KW.
11 Overall dimensions 2835 × 1490 × 2480mm (L × W × H)
12 Weight About 2,000 Kg


Equipment dimension drawing:

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 1

Equipment advantages:

1, is widely used in the automatic filling of 80-1000mL bottles in pesticides, fine chemicals, daily chemicals, fertilizers, oils and other industries.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 2

2, filling unit adopts the off-cylinder structure, which can completely empty the materials in the material cylinder, effectively avoid the cross-contamination of the materials, and it is more convenient and fast to replace the sealing ring.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 3

3,'s latest tetrafluorocarburbon technology seals improve wear resistance and service life and reduce maintenance costs.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 4

4, According to five years of research and development experience of high viscosity filling machine and market feedback, we successfully developed the three-way valve developed by our company.The three-way valve has simple structure, stable performance, reliable sealing, no material leakage for a long time, saving maintenance cost. The triple valve technology is currently the exclusive patent of our company.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 5

Comparison table of wang patent three-way valve and other three-way valves
Name Jin wang Other home three-way valves
Service life More than three years Less than a year
Leak the material Automatic compensation is not easy to leak the material Easy to leak the material


Jinwang invention triple valve patent certificate

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 6

5, Jinwang adopts PLC programming and control, servo motor drive synchronous belt with + drive stable double-wire bar lifting mechanism, which ensures the high precision of piston movement travel and realizes accurate filling.The synchronous belt with embedded metal wire will not break. At present, foreign first-class packaging manufacturers adopt this structure.Compared with similar products on the market, the ordinary motor + encoder is used, after the chain drive structure for a long time, the chain has a tensile nature, affecting the filling accuracy and equipment stability.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 7

6, uses the motor lifting filling head, which can adjust the height of the filling head in the touch screen, quick and convenient.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 8

7, complete electric control system adopts French Schneider configuration and integrated electric control system, which is more stable and reliable, safe, green and low energy consumption.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 9

8, adopts integral cast filling head of 316, good molding and longer service life.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 10

9, filling head is quickly adjusted with scale mark, adjustment without tools, convenient and fast. Air pipe and photosign name for maintenance and maintenance.

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 11

10, electronic weighing system, dose adjustment with one button. (This function is optional)

120bpm 4 Head Liquid Filling Machinery 12

11, machine adopts high quality SUS304 stainless steel, better adapt to the filling production environment, good anti-corrosion performance and easy cleaning. Outoutsourced stainless steel and tempered glass door cover seal the body, and the exhaust outlet (nozzle aperture is Φ120mm diameter) can be connected to the factory air introduction system to discharge the exhaust gas from the filling process.

Main configuration of the equipment:


No ial First name "Said that." Brand name



Programmable controller




2 Touch-screen



3 Converconverter



4 Servo system



5 Count photoelectric



6 Close proximity switch


Labor measurement

7 Switch on the power supply



8 Pressure switch SMC.
9 Cylinder



10 Solenoid valve



11 Button



12 Warning lamp



13 Circuit breaker



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