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Tea Bag Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Automatic Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

Tea Bag Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine Automatic Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

tea bag filling and sealing machine

Tea Bag Automatic Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine

pouch fill and seal machines

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Product Description

≤100ml/5kw/Roll film/Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine(DXD-130DM)

1.Description/ Introduction

DXD-130DM full-automatic horizontal bagging machine consists of motor film release, bag forming, bag bottom sealing, vertical sealing, servo bag pulling, shearing, bag opening and filling, bag transfer, bag top sealing and other mechanisms. The coordinated action of each mechanism is completed by the cam on the main shaft driven by the motor, and the position signal is fed back by the encoder on the main shaft under the programmable control of PLC, It realizes the functions of film roll → bag forming → bag making → filling → sealing → finished product transportation, and finally packing or packing manually. The machine has reasonable design and novel appearance. It adopts standard stripe sealing and changes the filler. It can realize the automatic filling of powder, particle, suspending agent, emulsion, water agent and other materials on the machine. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has good anti-corrosion effect on highly corrosive materials.

2.Parameters / specifications

Productive Power 40-60bags / min * actual capacity depends on packaging materials
Applicable Bag Size Single bag: 70 × 100mm (minimum); 140 × 180mm Max
Applicable Bag Type Single Bag
Packaging Capacity ≤100ml
Roll Film Size Inner Diameter: Φ 70-80mm Outer Diameter: ≤ Φ 500mm
Filling Precision ±0.5ml
Air Pressure 0.5-0.7MPA 700L/min
Power AC380V 50Hz/5KW
Equipment Size 3284×1180×2680mm(L×W×H)


(a)The appearance of the complete motor car, silver black color matching, high-end atmosphere, strong visibility and improving the grade of the workshop.

(b)More intuitive data display: real-time dynamic display of production data, which is convenient for production management; The equipment is equipped with a three-color light band, green operation, blue standby and red alarm, which is clear and intuitive, and can understand the operation status of the equipment in real time.

(c)The mechanism and program of servo bag pulling system are comprehensively upgraded to ensure the qualified rate and precision of bag pulling. It can be adjusted with one key, and the operation is simple and fast.

(d)Independent operation button box is equipped with independent operation button box, which has the functions of dose fine adjustment, commissioning and inching, and the operation is more convenient.

(e)Film changing and bag receiving device: when a roll of film is used up, there is no need to pull out the remaining roll of film on the equipment. Just bond it with the new roll of film on this device to continue to start up, making film changing more convenient and fast( This function is optional)

(f)Optimize cam mechanism: optimize cam operation curve, improve processing technology, increase quadric surface trimming, stabilize action line and improve production stability.

(g)Optimization of bag opening system: optimize the bag opening system by adding an electrostatic removal mechanism to neutralize the charge on the object by eliminating the air flow of a large number of positive and negative charges generated by the electrostatic elimination fan, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity and reduce the unsuccessful bag opening caused by static electricity.

(h)All connecting rod parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel casting, which has strong firmness, no deformation, no fracture and durability.

(i)Weighing feedback system: it can be obtained by measuring and adjusting the touch, reducing the waste of materials (this function is optional).

(j)Our company adopts a complete set of automatic control system of Schneider Electric in France, which has good compatibility, high stability and lower energy consumption. Many peers in the market use messy electrical components, which has poor compatibility and poor stability. The stability of the equipment is not guaranteed and the production qualification rate is reduced.

(k)Temperature control integrated module: real-time monitoring of temperature changes, the operation is clear at a glance. So as to effectively control the heat sealing mechanism, ensure the sealing reliability and make the packaged products easy to use and good-looking.

(l)Multiple safety protection (Shenshi color code detection, Japanese SMC vacuum generator, air source processor with air pressure detection and power phase sequence protector) to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation to the greatest extent.

(m)On the equipment, we have reserved connectors for powder, water, viscosity, granule and other filling devices. At the same time, software is also reserved for design. When users change the filling device, they only need to install the connector and use the function in the touch screen.

(n)Powder filling device, high viscosity filling device, water agent filling device, particle filling device and combined scale can be selected according to the demand; Taking powder materials as an example, the powder filling device can be used, which is composed of servo motor, mixing mechanism, blanking screw and transparent hopper. The filling is controlled by French Schneider servo system, which has higher precision and stability.


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