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D241 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 75W

D241 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 75W

75W Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine

240VAC Ribbon Coding Machine

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CE, ISO9001

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D241 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine

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Product Details
D241 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine
Print Head:
24mm Wide; 200dpi
Print Area:
Intermittent Mode: 24x15mm
Ribbon Length:
Maximum 350m
Ribbon Width:
≥65ms (intermittent)
Print Frequency:
≤200 Times/minute (intermittent)
Print Content:
Time Information, Date Information, Counter, Pattern And Text
Print Storage:
Up To 9 Print Files Can Be Stored Inside The Machine
Operation Interface:
The Operation Screen Supports Hot Swapping, And Multiple Machines Can Share One Operation Screen. Can Be Integrated Into Packaging Machine
Communication Interface:
USB Interface; RS485
Power Supply:
AC110V 3A 50/60HZ; AC220V 2A 50/60HZ,75W
Working Temperature:
0~40℃; Relative Humidity 10%~95% (non-condensing)
Print Body: 158x146x127mm Operation Screen: 173x140x83mm
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden cases
Delivery Time
15-90 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
1 Osets per month
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Product Description

D241 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Coding Machine 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 75W

1. Introduction

This equipment meets the intermittent coding needs of vertical packaging machines and labeling machines, and at the same time replaces the old ribbon coding machine to code films, labels, etc., with high appearance and low cost. Combined with high-quality heat-sensitive ribbons, the labels can be resistant to oil, cooking, friction and freezing.


2. Technical Parameters

1 Print Head 24mm wide; 200dpi
2 Print area Intermittent mode: 24x15mm
3 Ribbon length Maximum 350m
4 Ribbon width 25mm
5 Packaging material dwell time ≥65ms (intermittent)
6 Print frequency ≤200 times/minute (intermittent)
7 Print content Time information, date information, counter, pattern and text
8 Print storage Up to 9 print files can be stored inside the machine
9 Operation interface

The operation screen supports hot swapping, and multiple machines can share one operation screen.

Can be integrated into packaging machine

10 Communication Interface USB interface; RS485
11 Power supply AC110V 3A 50/60HZ; AC220V 2A 50/60HZ
12 Power Maximum 75W
13 Working environment Temperature 0~40℃; relative humidity 10%~95% (non-condensing)
14 Dimensions Print body: 158x146x127mm Operation screen: 173x140x83mm


3 .Advantage comparison

  Traditional ribbon coding machine D241 intelligent ribbon coding machine
Ribbon usage Ribbon coding spacing is large Ribbon spacing can be adjusted to 0.1mm
Print real time cannot Can
Print content fixed text Time, counter, pattern, etc.
Printing effect uneven 200DPI, clear printing
Adhesion generally good
Printing area Maximum 3 lines Within the printing range, the character size and number of lines can be freely edited.
Printing speed Up to 120 times/minute Up to 200 times/minute
Protective packaging materials possible damage no damage
Change print content Manual word changing Controller and computer control
Preparation for coding Waiting for warm-up Open and play
Ribbon length 100 meters 350 meters, reducing the number of replacements


4. Advantages

4.1. Intelligence

4.1.1 It can print time, variables, text and patterns, and the machine can store up to 9 print files inside;

4.1.2 Within the printing range, the number of lines, character size and direction can be edited at will;

4.1.3 The operation screen supports hot swapping, and multiple machines can share one operation screen.

4.2. Environmental protection

4.2.1 The consumables use heat-sensitive ribbons, which are odorless, non-toxic, and do not shed dust. They are suitable for use in production workshops with environmental protection requirements;

4.2.2 There are no printing marks and no damage to the packaging material.

4.3. Substitution

4.3.1 It can directly replace the traditional ribbon coding machine, no need to replace the bracket, and no need to keep character grains;

4.3.2 Software and hardware control, more intelligent and convenient.

4.4. Economy

4.4.1 The character size is adjustable and the spacing between the ribbons is smaller, saving consumable costs;

4.4.2 The printing speed is fast, the ribbon is longer, it is convenient to change the printing content, and no preheating is required to save time and manpower.

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