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120 Bottles/ Min JW-PC100 Reel Bottle Belt Round Bottle QR Code Acquisition Line

120 Bottles/ Min JW-PC100 Reel Bottle Belt Round Bottle QR Code Acquisition Line

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Product Details
Machine Name:
JW-PC100 Reel Bottle Belt Round Bottle QR Code Acquisition Line
Bottle Neck Diameter:
Air Pressure:
120Bottles/ Min
Power Supply:
AC220V 50Hz/2KW
Machine Dimension:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Packaging Details
wooden cases
Delivery Time
15-90 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
1 set per month
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Product Description

120 Bottles/ Min JW-PC100 Reel Bottle Belt Round Bottle QR Code Acquisition Line

1. Introduction

The QR code acquisition line is a manual or wired automatic packaging machine. The packaged products flow into the conveying line, and the Japanese Keith collector is used to automatically identify the QR code data of each bottle of products.

By comparing the database, if there are unrecognizable products, heavy codes, wrong codes and other products, they will be automatically removed into the scrap box, and the normal and qualified products will be collected to flow into the subsequent packing platform. At the same time, the correct product data will be recorded in the computer software database. When the proportion and quantity of primary packaging set by the software are reached, the system will prompt to scan the box and sign the QR code to complete the primary and secondary correlation.



2. Technical Parameters

1 Bottle Neck Diameter Φ40-95mm
2 Capacity

120 bottle/min

*Actual production capacity varies depending on product size, packaging material, material characteristics, etc

3 Power Supply AC220V 50Hz/2KW
4 Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
5 External Dimension 3500×1210×900mm(L×W×H)


3. Features

3.1. Label Coding

3.1.1 The label is printed in advance with clear effect and good scanning effect, which is not affected by front-end equipment.

4.1.2 Labels are printed in advance without early input costs, and without late maintenance and consumables costs.


3.2. Bottle Code Acquisition

3.2.1 The belt type bottle rotating structure and KEYENCE high-speed QR code collector are adopted, which has high production efficiency and strong equipment stability.

3.2.2 The tape type bottle rotation is simple and fast to adjust the specification, and there is no need for rotary table mold. It is especially suitable for QR code collection of paper label products.

3.2.3 Two-dimensional code acquisition device has high resolution, accurate acquisition and fast speed. The focal length of the scanner is up to down, left and right, and the adjustment is fast and simple. The staff is easy to learn.


3.3. Cylinder Reject

3.3.1. Eliminate waste products of the cylinder for problems such as duplicate code, error code and information collection failure in the completed data.

3.3.2. The whole line is produced and used with the equipment.


3.4. Display & Industrial Computer

3.4.1 Computer operation platform: convenient and fast settings such as equipment startup and collector parameter change.


3.5. Double Sided Operation Packing Platform (Optional)

3.5.1 The double-sided manual packing platform is adopted to meet the normal operation of the whole line, and the counting shunt is adopted to avoid the interleaving of manual packing.


3.6. Wired Scanning Gun

3.6.1 Scanning gun adopts contact mask barcode scanner, long distance linear image barcode scanner, knife rotary thick paper cutter.

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